Tuesday, June 10, 2008

15 arrested in homeless protest

Police arrest a protester who refused to clear the street north of Seattle City Hall. Fifteen people were taken into custody.

Photo by
the Seattle Times

Fifteen people protesting the sweeps of homeless encampments in Seattle parks were arrested after they blocked a street near city hall by pitching a tent in the street and standing in the road.

The protesters -- including homeless people, their supporters and at least two clergymen -- were arrested, interviewed and released. A police spokesman said the City Attorney's office will decide whether to file charges of pedestrian interference.

The Rev. Rich Lang, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church in Ballard, was wearing his clerical vestments when he was arrested in the rain. He said Mayor Greg Nickels "has chosen the side of the developers and people with financial interests. That's not bad, but he's forgotten the people on the lower rung."

Protesters chanted, "Sweep Nickels, not the homeless," referring to a homeless sweeps policy initiated by the mayor.

Read the Seattle Times report here.


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