Friday, July 11, 2008

Bush may veto homeless veterans housing bill

The “Homes for Heroes Act” has been passed by the House of Representatives, but is facing a presidential veto if it makes it through the Senate.

HR 3329, which would provide shelter for homeless veterans and their families as well as lending assistance to help low-income veteran families from falling into homelessness, won House approval 412-9.

The White House immediately signaled that the legislation would be vetoed if it lands on the president’s desk because it includes prevailing wage requirements.

Rep. Al Green (D-Houston), who sponsored the bill, said its focus on helping homeless veterans was “the least a grateful nation can do,” and urged President Bush to reconsider his veto threat. The Senate version of the bill is sponsored by Barack Obama.

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* I had to search for a while but I finally found a non-AP report. For more on the blogger boycott of Associated Press, click here.


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