Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Hunger can be a positive motivator."

Only someone who has never been seriously hungry could say that.

The quote comes from state representative Cynthia Davis, who serves as chairwoman of the Missouri House Special Standing Committee on Children and Families.

She was criticizing a summer program that will provide free breakfast and lunch to needy children because it costs money ("increased government spending"). She even thinks the program could be another tear in the fabric of family life.

Unbelievable idiocy.

Fear is a great motivator. So is pain. Maybe her next proposal will be shock collars to keep the kids in line.

Read the original newsletter, in its full idiotic glory, here.

My own comment about the summer food programs is that they don't reach enough kids. In Florida, only about 17% of the children who qualify for the lunch program during the school year get meals through the summer food program.


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