Thursday, July 30, 2009

March on Gainesville City Hall protests
limit on meals for the homeless

About 25 marchers walk toward Gainesville City Hall, chanting "People need to eat" and carrying signs to protest limits on how many people can be fed at St. Francis House.

About 25 people marched to City Hall in hopes of spurring the city to lift the 130-meals-a-day restriction on the St. Francis House homeless shelter.

Although the limit has been part of the St. Francis House permit since it was established in 1980, it wasn't strictly enforced until March of this year -- after a downtown developer told the City Planning Board that significantly more meals were distributed.

As a result, the homeless people who depend on the shelter's services line up at the doors earlier in the day, in greater numbers. Shelter staffers turn away those who arrive too late, said executive director Kent Vann.

Read the Gainesville Sun report here.


At 1:28 AM, Blogger Vox Populi said...

jesus. SO CHANGE THE PERMIT. Simple dimple.

Good work on the protest. With all the empty condo buildings in florida it seems that one or two could be turned into a FOREVER shelter. The people who are homeless have skills. But the greed is unbelievable. There was a sweet old woman in a parking lot near here and they actually towed her broken down van into the TERRIBLE SUN. Because the employees of the one place would not do anything mean to her. I used to take her meals and try to talk to her but .. it was hard. She was not trusting. Pigs around here would break her windows sometimes may they rot in hell. (sorry but just thinking of some thug doing that to a person with nothing who is helpless) None of this ever happened, though until IORIO became mayor and whether it's coincidental or not this place turned to stone. One day she disappeared from there, too. She must have roasted in that van in the hot sun. And ... now they have rules about the overnight?? BUT it hasn't kept some nasty crack dealing dumps from piling up old cars and busted up pieces of junk ... the inhumanity is SICKENING. I do not have many fans around here because I retain mhy humanity. They built this faux homeless shelter here where the hoods already knew all the residents if you get my drift.
PIGS !! When people really need help !

At 6:50 AM, Blogger Steven said...

JD - great site; been a lurker and friend of yours for some time. Thanks for fighting the good fight....

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Jacqueline Dowd said...

Steven: Thanks for the encouraging words!

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Jacqueline Dowd said...

Vox: Thanks for all the comments!

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