Saturday, May 15, 2010

Accused trespassers forced to vacate Deltona house

Volusia County deputies forced a family to vacate a lakefront home in Deltona because it did not own the home.

Bolstered by information from a group called Take Back the Land, Maria Torres and her family moved into the home last month. The group promotes people who need housing to move into houses that are vacant following a foreclosure.

The sheriff's office began to investigate the people living in the home when deputies were called out twice for a complaint about a party.

At first, deputies allowed the Torres and her family to stay even though she didn’t own the home because she cited a little known state law called adverse possession.

The Florida law allows homeowners to claim a piece of land if they've paid taxes on it or taken care of the property over a period of time.

Deputies later cited Torres for trespassing.

Read the WFTV report here.


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