Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homeless man: Diamond ring isn't mine,
so who does it belong to?

Mike Secaur found a diamond ring in some change a lady driving by gave him as he stood at an intersection in Pontiac, Michigan.

A homeless man who has lived on the streets around Pontiac, Michigan, for nearly two years is trying to track down a woman he thinks accidentally gave him a gold ring with small diamonds when she handed him a handful of change.

Michael Secaur said he was standing on a corner asking for spare change when a woman in a vehicle handed him money -- and the ring.

"My first thought was to go pawn it but I'd only get about $20 to $50," Secaur said. "It's probably worth more to the woman who had it."

He said he would recognize the woman if he saw her again.

Secaur, a former kitchen manager, said he had a wife, three children, two cars and a house before losing everything to divorce and what he described as minor legal problems.

Read The Oakland Press report (with video) here.


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