Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bill Cady is gone

Bill Cady was homeless for more than four years. "Loading what I could in my car, I wiped the tears from my eyes, fired up the engine, and proceeded down a long, dark, gloomy tunnel into a squalid place called Homelessness."

Bill Cady, author of the At My Friend's Place blog, passed away peacefully in Oceanside, California, on November 17.

Since becoming un-homeless 6 years ago, Bill's passion has been to find ways to help those still "out there" and homeless. He never lost the memories of his 4½ years of homelessness. The blog was his way of helping those not as lucky as him and still on the outskirts of society and looked upon as less than a human being.

Bill wrote exactly 900 posts in the blog. You can read the last post (written by his friend Alex) here.


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