Sunday, June 30, 2013

Homeless New Port Richey man dies
after beating from teenagers

Franklin Rudolph became homeless two weeks ago when he was thrown out of his apartment by a woman.

Over the years, he was in and out of mental health clinics and halfway houses.

Hours after the beating, and four days before his death, the homeless man told police what three teenagers had done to him.

Franklin Randolph, 54, told New Port Richey police he had been kicked, punched and spit on. One attacker bashed him with a stick the size of baseball bat. Another threw a concrete block at him. He was found in his homeless camp, coated in dirt, feces and urine. Insects swarmed his bloody body. His nose was broken.

At the hospital, Franklin identified photographs of two of the teens, investigators say.

Read the Tampa Bay Times reports here and here.


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