Saturday, May 25, 2013

Panhandler suspended from general assistance
for failing to report income

A panhandler in Maine has been removed from general assistance for 120 days for failing to reveal the income.

In an effort to control panhandling in Bangor, police and shelter officials are passing the names of known panhandlers to city staff who administer and monitor general assistance, an emergency safety net program. One of the first names police presented yielded results. The panhandler, the only one to receive a sanction so far, has not been identified because he or she has not been charged with a crime.

After meeting with a general assistance staff member, the recipient failed to reveal the panhandling income and was disqualified from the program for 120 days.

Shawn Yardley, the city's director of health and community services, said he thought word of the punishment would spread among the panhandling community and make some think twice about hiding income from the city.

“They can still panhandle, but they need to disclose their income,” Yardley said.

Read the Bangor Daily News report here.


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