Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kerry, if you’re out there, come home

Virginia Fisher Murdoch, who lives in Florida, searches for her brother Kerry Fisher, whom she believes is homeless in Las Vegas. 

Virginia “Jenny” Fisher Murdoch had a dream a few months ago that her brother is alive.

The signal she’s getting is that Kerry Lee Fisher, missing since the 1980s, is alive and that his presence has something to do with Las Vegas, the place where people get lost and come to get lost.

So after weeks of Internet research, she’s traveled from Florida to Las Vegas to find her long lost brother, hitting shelters and food lines and parks and roadside encampments, armed with a flier of a fairly recent newspaper photo that she thinks shows Kerry, who would be 57 now.

Kerry was the middle of five children who grew up in Dallas and Birmingham, Ala. He was a quiet and sensitive introvert who loved science and rocketry. He enlisted in the Marine Corps. The history isn’t clear, but Murdoch believes something bad happened, that Fisher was a whistleblower of sorts and flamed out. She thinks this episode may have had long-term consequences, including post-traumatic stress disorder. He bounced around for a few years until he went missing around 1988, his last known whereabouts being Washington State, although his truck was found shortly thereafter in the desert Southwest.

If you think you know the whereabouts of Kerry Lee Fisher, age 57, height 6 foot 2 inches, blue eyes, call 813-417-7462 or email findmyhomelessbrother@gmail.com.

Read the Las Vegas Sun report here.


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