Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is this democracy?

An alderman’s seat in Racine, Wisconsin, has been empty for almost two months because the loser of the April 5 election has filed a lawsuit challenging the votes of 15 homeless people.

The winner, Keith Fair (is that an aptonym or what?), drew 3 more votes.

The loser, Jeff Coe, is asking in his lawsuit that 15 random votes be thrown out. He wants the court to declare invalid the 15 votes cast by homeless people who stayed in a shelter in the 1st District the night before the election.

But even if you concede that homeless people somehow have no right to vote, nobody knows which 15 votes to throw out. Isn’t it fundamentally unfair to disenfranchise 15 voters at random?

Maybe the court should just declare the lawsuit a waste of everyone’s time.

Read the news report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here.


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