Friday, July 08, 2005

Updates on the "modern-day slavery" labor camp

Part I: The camp owner was accused 12 years ago in North Carolina of practices similar to the ones that led to the June 3 raid on the labor camp in East Palatka.

During the 1992 investigation, farmworkers living at the camp outside Newton, N.C., said charges were deducted from their pay for crack cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes and meals. Similar accusations were made in the Florida case.

Read the Associated Press report here.

Part II: After touring the camp, a state senator said he wants to use the camp as a model for reform of the migrant labor system in Florida.

State Sen. Tony Hill, D-Jacksonville, said he had visited labor camps with worse conditions the day before. "I went to some places yesterday that were really horrendous," Hill said. "I don’t think Mr. Evans is the big boogeyman that people make him out to be."

He did not say where those camps are or what -- if any -- action would be taken against them.

Read the Palatka Daily News story here.

July 11: Just noticed that the Palatka Daily News has begun charging for its archives. And they want $5! The New York Times charges only $3.95.
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