Friday, September 02, 2005

“Jesus would not cut food stamps”

“Members of Congress need to look down at their ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ bracelets," said the Rev. Douglas Smith of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy. “Jesus would not cut food stamps.”

But Congress just might.

Congress is planning to cut
$3 billion - or 1 percent annually - over five years from programs under the House Agriculture Committee's jurisdiction, such as food stamps and farm subsidies.

Smith was speaking at a rally outside the office of Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte in Roanoke, Va. Goodlatte said he’s already made a commitment not to cut farm subsidies, at least until a new farm bill is reworked in 2007. He said the food stamp program is the obvious place to look for the upcoming 1 percent annual cuts because it has a 6 to 8 percent yearly error rate involving fraud and other problems.

Read The Roanoke Times story here.

Thanks to The Last Liberal in Central Florida for the link.


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