Monday, September 11, 2006

2996: "If you can't change it, you have got to move on"

That was one of Thomas Dowd's mottos, says his wife, Kerriann. She still derives strength from his words.

But it doesn't mean that you can -- or should -- forget.

Tommy Dowd* died on that day-at-the-office gone terribly wrong -- Sept. 11, 2001. Like other Cantor Fitzgerald bond brokers, he had no way down from the 105th floor of One World Trade Center.

Despite the fast-paced job, where careers can be made or broken in a single trade, Tommy Dowd's friends and family remember him as a laid-back guy who made a difference in the lives of the kids who played on his CYO and AAU basketball ball teams.

He was the youngest of seven children, and met his wife in kindergarten in the Irish Bronx neighborhood of Inwood, where they grew up.

They went to the prom together, later got married and had three kids. After the first jetliner hit, Thomas Dowd called his wife and promised that he would make it home. But he didn't make it. He left before his time. Why must this always happen to people who make a difference?

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* No, I don't know of any relation ... but Tommy Dowd is a fellow member of the O'Dubhda Clan. The original Gaelic name means "descendant of the Dark One" and the clan is descended (as my father proudly told me) from the last pagan king of Ireland.


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