Friday, August 25, 2006

Breaking news:
labor camp crew leader convicted

A federal jury today returned a verdict of guilty on 57 of 58 charges against Ronald Evans, Sr., a crew leader accused of selling crack cocaine, cigarettes and beer to his workers on credit. He would then deduct the cost from their wages in a scheme designed to keep his workers in debt.

During the eight-day trial, prosecutors argued that Evans sought out homeless drug addicts and essentially paid them in crack for their farm labor.

Evans' camp in East Palatka, Florida, was described as "modern-day slavery" by a federal agent.

Read the Florida Times-Union story here. And check out this tale of the dead-end life experienced by two men recruited out of an Atlanta homeless shelter to work Evans' camps.

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At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Boone said...

Hmmmmmmm. The media, educators and politicians have been teaching us for years that only white people are evil..... How could this be true?


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