Monday, September 25, 2006

The right to eat

             Members of Orlando Food Not Bombs, along with the Rev. Brian Nichols
             (center) of the First Vagabonds Church of God, hold a banner
             proclaiming the right to food.

Most people would agree that we have a right to live, so a right to food doesn't seem like a stretch.

Twenty-two other countries -- but not the USA -- have enshrined the right to food in their constitutions, either for all citizens* or specifically for children.**

Sadly and shamefully, hunger affects more than 36 million Americans, including 13 million children.

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* The Congo, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, South Africa, Uganda and Ukraine recognize explicitly the right to adequate food. The constitutions of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Iran, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Seychelles and Sri Lanka set the achievement of adequate food for all as the responsibility of the state.

** The constitutions of Brazil, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and South Africa recognize the right of children to adequate food and nutrition.


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