Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Florida has the second-highest
rate of children with no health insurance

Florida has the second-highest rate of children with no health insurance, says a new report from the national consumer organization Families USA.

About 17% of Florida's children have no health insurance. That's 719,000 children, enough to fill 13,073 school buses.

The overwhelming majority of Florida’s uninsured children (88%) live in families where at least one parent works.

The national rate is 11.6%. Florida trails only Texas,* where 20% of children are uninsured.

Uninsured children are nearly five times as likely as insured children to have at least one delayed or unmet health care need, the report says.

Read the whole report here and check out the Florida fact sheet here.

The Campaign for Children’s Health Care has an online petition that urges members of Congress and the President "... to begin work immediately on legislation that will provide comprehensive, affordable, high-quality health coverage for all children."

* Gee, the state that is currently governed by a Bush and the state formerly governed by a Bush are the worst at providing health care for children. Is anyone surprised?


At 12:53 AM, Blogger Anonymous Law Student said...

It's a shame that the richest country in the world doesn't give a spit about its children. If we really cared we'd help.

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