Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't the homeless have enough problems?

Homeless people have sought to ward off New York's recent bone-chilling temperatures by warming themselves over a grate in front of this shop. Photo by Getty Images.

A Madison Avenue antiques dealer is suing a group of unidentified homeless people for $1 million.

Karl Kemp says the individuals -- listed in court papers as John Smith, John Doe, Bob Doe and Jane Doe -- spend both their days and nights huddled with their filthy belongings outside his posh Upper East Side business, using the sidewalk in front of the shop as a urinal, spittoon and occasional dressing room.

The businessman says he's just worried about the health of the homeless people and upset that they are sleeping outside while taxpayers are paying for shelters in New York City.

Read The New York Times story here.

Update: Misblog has a great idea about using this as an opportunity to advocate on behalf of the homeless: Hold constitutional law classes, for the homeless, in front of the store. Wish I was in New York to do it.


At 2:57 AM, Blogger Sholom said...

HashemSucksDick stages a One-Cow-Protest: don't click here.

That's HSD in the picture.


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