Monday, January 01, 2007

Why discourage the people
who are trying to help?

Ruby slippers would work as well as bus tickets for Daytona Beach's homeless, says the Orlando Sentinel in an editorial.

"If Michael Chitwood were the chief of police in Oz instead of Daytona Beach, his staff could hand out hundreds of Greyhound bus tickets to disenfranchised homeless people. Then they board the bus, click their heels, and go home."

The editorial was prompted by Chitwood's proposal to bus homeless people out of Daytona Beach -- supposedly to reconnect them with family and friends who can provide housing.

The Sentinel urges someone to step up and become a leader in discussing solutions to the homeless quandry, but can't resist taking yet another swipe at the folks who give their time and money to feed the hungry and homeless. Why criticize the people who are trying to build the very "cohesive network among social groups, churches and government entities" that the newspaper says this community needs?


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