Friday, May 22, 2009

Apparently in Tampa, it's OK
to run over and kill the homeless

In the case of a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a homeless woman three months ago, all roads lead to a posh home on Davis Islands, police say.

That's where, Tampa police say, they found the maroon SUV that they think hit 33-year-old Melissa Sjostrom as she limped across a street on Feb. 8.

A paint chip from the damaged vehicle matched one found at the scene like a "jigsaw puzzle," a detective wrote in his report.

A teenager living at the house told her parents she had been involved in an accident, and video from the Selmon Crosstown Expressway put the SUV - undamaged, at the time - near the scene of the hit and run a few minutes before it happened.

Jordan Valdez, 16 at the time, was never charged in connection with Sjostrom's death, though she was cited for careless driving. On Tuesday, even that fell through: A judge dismissed the citation when no one from the Tampa Police Department showed up to testify.

Read the Tampa Tribune article here.

Thanks to spacecoastweb (well, actually @spacecoastweb) for the link.


At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is another article about this case where they interview the cheerleading coach at Jordan's Catholic private school. The coach says she hasn't missed a cheerleading practice since killing Melissa. So glad she's happy and cheerful while Melissa's son no longer has a mother.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Stogie said...

we well get justice for ms. Sjostrom!

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the aunt of the homeless woman killed in Tampa Flordia,Melissa Sjostrom i am fighting to protect we the people of the united that confessed criminals can not just walk away from their responibility to both the punishment and victims they leave behind.... i myself am disabled ,caring for a sister with severe brain damage,also a 88 yr old stepfather who is legally blind, and a mother greiving the loss of her only daughter,I am fighting for Dylan my neice's 14 yr old son as he will never have the opportunity to share his life with his mother, i am fighting for every person, that who you are and what you do does not make you anymore, or anyless than any other human being. I am fighting for you!please find out if your state has the accident report privilige doctrine as we are going to change this law to include some form of justice,contact us at yahoo tampahitnrun.we are going to need as much help as we can get.. there are over a dozen stories in the tampa papers. we will get jordan!

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another homeless person was hit on Bayshore in May. Nothing done.

At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The homeless person hit in May on Bayshore was injured very badly. Has not got out of the hospital yet.

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are not allowed to talk about it, either.

Or they will take your blog away.

vox populi

Soon to be another one

At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Greg Sjostrom said...

There has been no justice in Melissa Sjostrom's death. Her life was abruptly brought to an end, the guilty party has been allowed to continue her life, unchanged. I hear about how happy my daughters killer is in life enjoying college now and all that, I just get bitter because I don't have my Daughter, and never will hear her sweet voice again with the words "Hi Daddy", I will miss that.


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