Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lawyer seeking homeless man
who returned lost money

A relieved lawyer is looking for the Good Samaritan who found his envelope of cash lying in a and then turned it over to police in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Robert Stauffer lost $1,440 stuffed inside a credit union envelope.

A man, who police say is homeless, found the cash and then flagged down a patrolman to turn over the money.

“To find out it was somebody down on his luck who returned every penny, I’m very appreciative,” Stauffer said after claiming his money at the police station. “I want to thank him. He may be down on his luck, but things will change because when you do good things for people, these things have a way of coming around ... Good deeds are always rewarded.”

Stauffer has asked the police to help him get into contact with the man so he can “reciprocate his generosity.”

Read The Mercury report here.

Update: John Kavanaugh, who sleeps on an a park bench, found the envelope. "It could have been somebody's rent money or something, you know," he said. "They could use it. It could set you back."

Read the Daily Mail report here.


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