Saturday, June 04, 2005

A bad situation gets worse

Florida's abysmal rate of participation in the food-stamp program is getting even worse. The latest numbers show that the percentage of eligible persons receiving food stamps decreased 1.3% from February to March of this year.

That decline was the largest of any state! Only seven other states had fewer persons receiving food stamps in March than in February.

The percentages are bad enough, but the hard numbers are worse. Florida’s participation dropped by 16,878 persons, nearly four times as many as next-to-last Indiana’s 4,336.

In 2004, Florida ranked 48th in percent of eligible persons participating in food stamps. Read previous post, with links to eligibility standards and application forms, here.

See the rankings for all the states here.

Why should you care? Each dollar of food stamps is estimated by the USDA to produce nearly two dollars in economic activity.


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