Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And the biggest problem in Miami is ...

When FBI supervisors in Miami gathered to meet with new interim U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta last month, they were wondering what his top enforcement priority would be.

Would it be terrorism? Drug trafficking? Organized crime? Or maybe public corruption?

The agents were stunned to learn that a top enforcement priority of Acosta, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and the Department of Justice was none of the obvious possibilities. Instead, Acosta told them, it’s obscenity. Not pornography involving children, but pornographic material featuring consenting adults.

Acosta’s stated goal of prosecuting distributors of adult porn has angered federal and local law enforcement officials, as well as prosecutors in his own office. They say there are far more important issues in a high-crime area like South Florida, which is an international hub at risk for terrorism, money laundering and other dangerous activities.

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