Monday, March 12, 2007

Homeless win another round in court

A federal judge in Fresno, California, has once again ruled in favor of homeless people.

The judge declined to dismiss the claims against Caltrans director Will Kempton, who was named as a defendant in a lawsuit which claims homeless people had their property taken and immediately destroyed. The lawsuit against the City of Fresno, which is ongoing, was not affected by Kempton’s attempt to withdraw from the suit.

The lawsuit filed in October 2006 seeks to stop the City of Fresno from bulldozing homeless peoples encampments. A preliminary injunction was issued in November and city crews have stopped the attacks. Last month, the city even cleaned up trash near an encampment. City workers apparently were able to conduct the clean up without destroying homeless people's tents, medicine and other personal items -- even though they had claimed in court that they could not distinguish between trash and poor people's property.

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